There have been many superstars that have been released by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) recently. Some of them were overdue and others will be missed. Of all them,  there are really only three that I am even remotely upset with.

Wade “Bad News” Barrett

I know this is a cliche in terms of WWE Superstars to say they should have been a multiple time world champion”, but in Wade Barrett’s career he was sorely misused by WWE, going through many different characters and gimmicks, starting off with The Nexus. After this he had sort of a bare knuckle boxing gimmick and that went semi-okay for a bit. He then went into being “Bad News” Barrett having a series of segments behind a podium giving “bad news” to the WWE Universe. There seemed to be a little bit of promise when Barrett won the King of the Ring Tournament; however, this would prove to be for naught as he would join Alberto del Rio, Rusev, and Sheamus in “The League of Nations”. Once this faction broke up, the writing was on the wall for Wade Barrett. I could really see him going to TNA along with Drew Galloway and Ethan Carter III who have been able to reinvent themselves in professional wrestling and have a little more freedom with how they act.

Damien Sandow

Sandow started as a snobbish intellectual who routinely insulted members of the WWE Universe. He went as far as putting off his debut on multiple occasions. Within WWE he was primarily noteworthy as a tag team competitor, joining Cody Rhodes to form Team Rhodes Scholars and later joining The Miz as Damien Mizdow. Part of Sandow’s career is in infamy because he was the first to cash in a Money in the Bank contract and lose, falling prey to The John Cena Effect. Unfortunately, Sandow was not entirely able to recover from this.

Cody Rhodes 

Son of the late Dusty Rhodes and brother of Goldust, he was another example of mismanagement by WWE; however, whatever he was asked to do, he did it. This went as far as donning face paint and a suit like his brother. This went on for some time as Goldust and “Stardust” won the WWE Tag Team Championships. After the titles were dropped though, there was not much sense in having the “Stardust” character, but it remained. Towards the end, he was in pretty pointless feuds, the high point of which was with Stephen Amell at SummerSlam. The match itself was slightly disappointing, but it is what it is. Now that Rhodes has indeed been released, there are a number of possibilities that he could explore: there is TNA or New Japan or he could expand into acting even further. Maybe he could get a guest appearance on “Arrow” Only time will tell.